Africa food festival is a celebration of culture and unity through cuisine. This unique family-friendly event will bring together businesses, vendors, communities, and families to join us in our efforts to explore the food cultures of Africa and various ethnicities in the UK.

At the festival, guests can expect to sample an assortment of African, Caribbean, and ethnic dishes, witness and experience a vibrant display of African and Caribbean cultural items, and engage in interactive demonstrations, activities, and other interactive entertainment options while learning the significance of these traditional cuisines in ethnic cultures.


You may anticipate live performances all day long, workshops, food demonstrations, discussions, children’s play areas, a drinks theatre, an African village, and many other activities on the day of our festival. Visit the market stalls and pick up some amazing items to bring home! Try real Jollof rice, grilled chicken, plantain, stir-fries, soup, and other delectable dishes. Then, wash it all down with some delectable beverages.

Also, don’t worry about the vegetarians out there! There will be several alternatives available to you as well. So why not purchase your ticket right away?


The Africa Food Festival initiatives assist the community in becoming familiar with ethnic culinary businesses, restaurants, and culinary professionals in their neighbourhood through a number of events and promotional campaigns.

Our innovative approach to a food festival week includes highlighting other aspects of culinary businesses including catering services, presenting African restaurant awards, and introducing new culinary products. This helps stimulates the local economy and empowers the ethnic culinary industry which is a key ingredient to economic growth.

Furthermore, we also work with local farmers, food sellers and the council to donate unused food to food banks.